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journalism: Brazil dismissed missing kids and Mothers cry out for justice

By Isis Nogueira

Children´s international trafficking in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian´s city, that is a reality reinforced by impunity. In many cases disappearance point to the name of Fernando Marinho de Melo, who, according to the news network, works at Navy. The suspect was recognized as the perpetrator of the crimes by prosecution’s witnesses.
The mothers of the victims cry out for justice, because some cases and almost all prosecutions are stopped at the police station for more than 10 years without response. The children were forgotten and lost her civil rights.

The missing girls have similar profiles: are from poor communities, between 9-12 years old and have good physical appearance. The Civil police is investigating this case since 2003, but unsuccessfully. The possibilities are manifold: the victims may have been targeted by a gang specializing in international trafficking in persons for forced labor, organ trafficking, child prostitution or illegal adoption.
                       Name: Larissa Gonçalves missing since 31/01/2008
                        Photo: publicity / internet

Larissa Gonçalves, 11 years old, kidnapped on January 31, 2008 in her house at neighborhood of Sao Cristovao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The prosecution’s witnesses witnessed when the accused introduced himself as TV technician and saw him leave the house with the girl and a TV. The accused took a taxi with the girl and tv stolen. The taxi driver´s testimony was critical for the prosecution, because he said that Fernando would have landed in the region known as "camelódromo", Uruguayana Street in the center of Rio de Janeiro where the girl was seen for the last time.

                                  Name: Fernando Marinho de Mello Suspected of kidnapping.
.                                  Photo: publicity / internet (video news site

Fernando Marinho de Melo, received the sentence of four years for the kidnapping and robbery of the TV, but the penalty was converted into community service. The People disagreed about  the verdict imposed by Judge William Shilling Pollo Duarte, who caused outrage in all, including the local prosecution. "Never seen anything like it in all these years of   work. kidnapping qualified converted into a community work? It is absurd! Let Resorting asking a heavier penalty and fair. I trust the judges, who are serious people, will correct this error. ". "Said the prosecutor Marcia Colonesse.
Raquel Cordeiro da Silva,  Larissa Gonçalves’ aunt, who remains missing, did not comply with the outcome of the process. She was outraged and heartbroken with the verdict and thought he should have went to prison. "The family has lost ground. It is absurd! My niece is brutally kidnapped, never seen again, and the Bandit is sentenced to four years with a penalty reversed for community action. The kidnapper is cited by dozens of witnesses in cases that recognize the sketch, and he will keep in freedom, stealing children? The sense of impunity kill me. If she was the daughter of someone famous, this would be the verdict? ". "This feeling of impunity kill us.

Name: Thais Lima de Barros missing since 22/12/2002
Photo: publicity / internet

Another case investigated by the police is of Thais Lima Barros, kidnapped in Vila Kennedy, West Zone Rio de Janeiro, at age 9 when she was buying an ice cream with his brother under 5 years old when a man called her. His brother identified Fernando Marinho as the kidnapper and the family spent black Christmas and never found Thais.
According to Elisabeth de Lima Barros, the pain of rejection is daily: "For 11 years I ask to open the prosecutions, but the police ignore me. When any researcher is interested in discover the truth, the police chief was change or removed. I’ve already hinted that it was my fault, when ask me if my 9 year old daughter would not have fled to the home of a boyfriend.” Said shocked and sad.
Without lawyers and without support of the Brazilian´s courts, the mothers ask for help in the site portal Kids, ONG  that embraces causes of missing children. Currently, the case was terminated the Organization of American States (OAS) by Wal Ferrao, president of Kids Portal, for violation of human rights committed during the investigation into the disappearance of 17 children in Rio, because fifteen cases police investigations are stopped for more than ten years in the Police and Civil however, have not yet been forwarded to the prosecutor.

Caroline Menezes Cardoso, missing since 14/04/2003
 Photo: publicity / internet

Caroline Menezes Cardoso was kidnapped in the Sacramento, also in the west of Rio de Janeiro. The girl disappeared in a playground near his aunt's house, where he always rode a bike. The case was referred to the prosecutor, but due to inadequate procedures in the investigation, the charge was not accepted. The child has not the right to defend himself and it was denied for her family too. According to the online newspaper "The Day", the holder of the police station Protection of Children and Adolescents, delegated Barbara Lomba, cases were being investigated.
As the girls have been missing for a long time, it would be necessary to invest in aging program image, but mothers do not have the money or lawyer. The time passes and the investigations are stopped and the suspect released.  People and police do not have a clue where children are. Mothers continue to suffer without moral and legal support in Brazil.
This whole situation makes for which Brazil is seen as the country's impunity without credibility that ignores kidnappings of children and its implications for civil society.

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